Datenbankeintrag: A Surveillance State Unlike Any the World Has Ever Seen
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A Surveillance State Unlike Any the World Has Ever Seen

July 26, 2018
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There is a modern shopping center at the edge of the city, though barely one in five stores is still open. Most of the others were closed recently due to “security and stability measures,” according to the official seals adhered to the doors. “Everyone was sent to school,” one passerby says quietly while looking around.

More than half the people we met along the way during our journey spoke of family members or acquaintances who were “sent to school.”

The stories differ, yet they all contain important parallels. Most of the people affected are men. The arrests usually occur at night or in the early morning. The reasons cited include contacts abroad, too many visits to a mosque or possessing forbidden content on a mobile phone or computer. Relatives of those who are apprehended often don’t hear from them for months. And when they do manage to see them again, it’s never in person but rather via video stream from the prison visitor area.