Datenbankeintrag: China Undercover
Zerstörung der Familie Überwachung zuhause durch „Angehörige“ Zerstörung der Sprache

China Undercover

April 07, 2020
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The Chinese authorities also use more direct methods through two programs called Homestay and Becoming Family.
Han Chinese are sent into the homes of Muslims like this one.
[Speaking Mandarin] Nowadays, Xinjiang is promoting national unity to become one family. This family are our adopted relatives.
The visitors are described by the authorities as “relatives.” In reality, they’re working for the government.

[Speaking Kazakh] They told us if we had the Koran, we needed to get rid of it. They would often tell us to give up our religion.
We never spoke Kazakh in front of the Han Chinese people because we were worried that they might write down something which would get us locked up in a camp.