Everybody Is Gone

The Experience

Everybody Is Gone is an innovative live event that provides audiences with a unique perspective on the ongoing crisis in the Uyghur Homeland. Uniting elements of journalism, live performance, and museum exhibition, the immersive event offers audiences the opportunity to deeply and personally understand the impact of the state-backed surveillance and oppression that affect millions.

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July 27 - August 02 Berlin, DE Alte Münze
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The Testimonials

Uyghur people living in the global diaspora have important stories to tell about the crisis in the Uyghur Homeland.They tell these stories on their own behalf, and on behalf of loved ones still in the homeland and unable to raise their own voices. We invite you to hear Uyghur people in their own words in our growing collection of Testimonials.

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The Database

Verifiable journalism and independent research are central pillars of Everybody Is Gone. While the live event itself is a work of art, it is grounded in fact and built around evidence. Please explore this catalog of evidence we used to build the live event.

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