Database Entry: Ethnic Unity: Rockaby--A Gul Rocked into the Arms of Mr. Right
Forced Assimilation Promotion of interethnic marriage

Ethnic Unity: Rockaby--A Gul Rocked into the Arms of Mr. Right

March 22, 2019
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Inside the village banquet hall, everyone was chatting and laughing, singing and dancing. Accompanied by happy music and the sounds of singing, everyone took part in joyful dancing, meshrep. On March 15 [2019], a lad from Sichuan named Chen Anfu and a Xinjiang Flower named Arzugul Tursun held a wedding at a banquet hall in Onsu County Gulawat Village Gulerik Hamlet. The event was jovial, enthusiastic, and lively with nearly 200 attendees.

In terms of the the groom’s and bride’s story…Arigul made acquaintances with a Sichuan lad named Chen Anfu using a What’sApp feature. Chen Anfu is an auxiliary police officer. The began chatting, their ages were right, began showing warmth towards each other, gradually became affectionate [towards each other], fell in love, and finally reaped the sweet fruit of their love and became husband and wife…

The groom excitedly said, “thanks to the village party committee and worked team for holding this grand wedding. I’ve married [my] long-admired Uyghur belle. In the future we will certainly live our days well be good citizens who won’t forget the Party’s favor, will listen to the Party, follow it, respect the law, and protect ethnic unity.

The leader of the work team, Erkin Yunus, told the new bride and groom, “You are the village’s second interethnic marriage since 2019. You’re the pride of this village’s ethnic unity. By holding your wedding, the entire village will construct an atmosphere in which everyone discusses ethnic unity and everyone strives to be a mode of ethnic unity as well as promote the normalization of “ethnic unity one family.”





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