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Religious Persecution

[Friend Circle]: Thousands of Mountains and Rivers [here] just to witness your changes

January 25, 2016
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According to Liu Junguo, in order for the village work to make breakthroughs, it must have stable development and he directed that village 19 had to undergo a “genetic change.”

But how was this genetic change to be accomplished? The work group first thought that it should start from women because “women hold up half the sky.”

In order to allow the village women to hold up half the sky, leaving the house is step number one. When the work team began organizing women to partake in people’s militia training, many women had apprehensions, were unwilling to wear short-sleeved camouflaged shirts, and also reluctant to take off their headscarves and wear hats.

In order to break beyond this difficulty, the work team tried everything possible. The village cadres took villagers to the Bingtuan so they could learn from the its militia management philosophy, and the women slowly began to change their thinking. A village named Ayshem Momin is currently the militia captain of the village. She said, I feel pride every time I take part in the female militia training.

在刘军国看来,住村工作要取得突破,村里必须要有稳定的发展,他提出,要给19村做一次大的“基因改造”。 究竟怎样才能完成这次基因改造呢?工作组首先想到的就是从抓妇女工作入手,因为,“妇女能顶半边天”!



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