Database Entry: Jiashi County's "Three Unions" Activities and Rural/Nomadic Citizens' "Three News" Events Strive for Remarkable Results
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Jiashi County's "Three Unions" Activities and Rural/Nomadic Citizens' "Three News" Events Strive for Remarkable Results

July 10, 2017
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On July 10, Jiashi County carried out the “three-in-one” activities of raising the national flag on Monday, giving lectures, and distributing funds to benefit the people. It also held activities to “advocate new fashions, establish a new atmosphere, and establish a new order.” A total of 194,000 people from 279 villages and communities in the county participated in the event, and a total of 132 million yuan was distributed to benefit 53,700 people, including rural subsistence allowances, subsidies for the disabled, funds for housing and housing, and cotton subsidies.

The work team of the Propaganda Department of the Jiashi County Party Committee in Bagetuogelake Village, Yingmaili Township organized the activities of raising the national flag, giving lectures, and distributing funds to benefit the people on Monday. All the cadres of the Propaganda Department of the County Party Committee participated together. On the same day, the village distributed a total of 170,440 yuan to benefit the people.

12 administrative villages in Gambazi Township held national flag raising activities at the same time. Accompanied by the solemn national anthem, the bright five-star red flag rose slowly against the morning sun. A total of 15,754 people from various cadres and the masses participated in the flag-raising ceremony. After the flag-raising ceremony, propaganda with the themes “being a qualified parent who adapts to the development of the times” and “being aspiring sons and daughters who love the motherland and hometown” was spread beneath the national flag.

Payzawat Education Office teams assigned to Yingtamu Village, Mixia Township, held gratitude education activities. Daughters-in-law served their mothers-in-law and daughters served their mothers tea, combed their hair, and expressed their feelings to promote affection amongst family members.

In conjunction with Xiaputule Township Monday lecture theme, every village in the township carried out activities such as giving thanks to the elders, increasing familial affection, volunteerism for university students who have returned home, Ethnic Unity–One Family, singing patriotic songs, cultural performances, and all types of educational and interesting games and sports competitions. Gratitude, Unity, Dedication, Harmony, Competition, Responsibility and other traits of cultural positivity infected everyone in attendance. They united everyone’s hearts and elevated the cultural levels of the masses while promoting ethnic unity.

Tageike Village, Kizilsu Township, launched an educational activity themed “Thanksgiving for Mothers.” Through hands-on training, villagers were guided to know how to be grateful from an early age, starting from the people and things around them that they feel most deeply, and learned to appreciate their parents and the kindness of life and nurturing they have given them.

Keketal Village, Guleruk Township, carried out the “three-in-one” activity, distributing a total of 373,566 yuan to 178 villagers in cotton subsidies. Officials preached on the theme “be a qualified parent in the new era, be a citizen who loves the motherland and repays society.” College students who have returned to the village told the villagers what they have seen and heard for themselves outside the village, publicizing the Party’s policy of benefiting the people. Together with the villagers, they thanked the Party and the government for creating a better life for the villagers.


伽师县委宣传部驻英买里乡巴格托格拉克村工作队组织开展周一升国旗、大宣讲、发放惠民资金活动,县委宣传部全体干部一同参加。当天该村共发放惠民资金170440元。(记者 陈松 蒋佳明)

江巴孜乡12个行政村同时举行升国旗活动。伴随着庄重的国歌声,鲜艳的五星红旗迎着晨曦冉冉升起。各干部群众共15754人参加升国旗仪式。升国旗仪式结束后,进行了“做适应时代发展的合格家长”、“做热爱祖国、热爱家乡的有志儿女》为主题国的旗下宣讲”。(通讯员 萨阿达提古丽·艾力)

伽师县教育局驻米夏乡英塔木村工作队开展了感恩教育活动,儿媳给婆婆、女儿给妈妈敬茶,梳头,表达心声等活动,促进家庭成员之间的感情。(通讯员 依力亚尔·麦麦提 )

夏普吐勒镇结合周一的宣讲主题,各村开展了感恩长辈,增进亲情、返乡学生志愿服务、民族团结一家亲、唱红歌、文艺节目表演、各类益智趣味游戏、体育比赛等精彩纷呈的活动。感恩、团结、奉献、和谐、竞争、责任等文化正能量,感染着在场的每一个人,凝聚人心的同时,提高了群众的文化水平,促进了民族团结。(通讯员 王秀媛)



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