Database Entry: My 2017 (second half of the year)
Surveillance Civilian Informants

My 2017 (second half of the year)

December 25, 2017
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On September 27, 2017, I was appointed [within the] organization as deputy secretary of the Party Committee and candidate for the town head of Huangdi Township, Yeken County.
Since then, I left beautiful Yengisheher and Tagaerqi Township, [a place] I struggled for and came to Huangdi Town, Yeken County, and started another work journey.

2017年9月27日,组织上任命我担任莎车县荒地镇党委副书记、镇长候选人。 自此,我离开了美丽疏勒和我为之奋斗的塔尕尔其乡,来到了莎车县荒地镇,开始了我另一段工作征程。

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