Database Entry: On National Day, Every Village in Turpan Raises the Flag
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On National Day, Every Village in Turpan Raises the Flag

October 01, 2016
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On October 1st, on the occasion of the 67th anniversary of the National Day, Zhuangzi Village Primary School, in Aidinghu Township, Gaochang District, Turpan City, held a flag-raising activity. Zhang Wenquan, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, as well as more than 1,000 others, including the “four elderly peoples” of the township, a local village working group, government officials, patriotic clerics, Young Pioneers representatives, Party members, Chinese Communist Youth League members, attended the flag-raising ceremony.

At 9:00 in the morning, accompanied by the majestic “March of the Volunteers,” the flag guards walked in neat steps, escorting the national flag to the flag-raising platform, and slowly raising the bright five-star red flag. Everyone gazed fixedly at the flag and sang the national anthem in unison. Dressed neatly and donning the Party emblem, Zhuangzi Village cadre Nurguli Siyiqi said happily: “It is very meaningful to participate in the national flag raising ceremony on the days of national celebration. Seeing the national flag raised, a fire burns in my heart, giving me the strength to work. I am proud of the prosperity, harmony, and beauty of the motherland. Now our life is getting better and better, we must cherish the current situation of stability and unity, work hard, and win glory for the motherland.”



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