Database Entry: Qaraqash County: "Wear New Clothes," Don't “Take the Old Road” Again; Qaghiliq Village Shows off A New Look
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Qaraqash County: "Wear New Clothes," Don't “Take the Old Road” Again; Qaghiliq Village Shows off A New Look

July 11, 2018
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On July 9, the villagers of Qaraqash County, Ka’ersai Township, Qaghiliq village changed into new clothes and in this new look participated in a flag raising ceremony.

Clad in their new clothes, the villagers were full of energy and their looks had improved immensely. Their brand-new white shirts simply but tastefully read “I Love the Chinese Nation,” fully demonstrating the villagers’ positive energy and resolve to win the battle against poverty.

The work team stationed in the village had discovered that even in the summer heat, some villagers still wore heavy, long-sleeved shirts. So the team proactively contacted a garment factory to come and take measurements, giving each villager new clothes and allowing them to feel cool and be fashionable in the summer, as well as to show off Qaghiliq Village’s new look.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the village also organized a publicity campaign. Poverty alleviation specialist Shen Hongkun told everyone: “We can’t wear new clothes and walk the old roads. We must use our own two hands to change our lives and become rich through hard work. We also need to work harder on renovating our courtyards and improving sanitation. Together, we can enhance the overall image of Qaghiliq Village working from the inside out.”





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