Database Entry: Record of Cadres "Descending" Visits (February 11-18, 2019)
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Record of Cadres "Descending" Visits (February 11-18, 2019)

February 16, 2019
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From February 11-18, 2019, Tianxi Forest Management Bureau made up a 10-person cadre “descending” visits [team] at Aqsu City, Aykol Municipality, Towenki Tigin Village. On the 11th, we took a train from Yining and arrived in this village. At the village committee [office], the “Visit the People, Benefit the People, Bring Together the Hearts of the People” work team introduced us to the village’s recent situation and precautions for the “descending” cadres. After which, each group was received by village residents [and brought] to [their assigned] homes.


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