Database Entry: Selection of "Beautiful Homes" Building a Beautiful Home Together
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Selection of "Beautiful Homes" Building a Beautiful Home Together

May 15, 2019
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On May 13, a ceremony was held at the village cultural activity center in Xia’awati Town’s Tuomabeixi Village, located in Jiashi County, to solemnly commend the first batch of “Beautiful Families.” Representatives of the 20 “Beautiful Homes” received their “Beautiful Homes” red flags and prizes with joy, and all the villagers at the scene gave warm applause to express their congratulations.

In order to solidly promote the improvement of the village’s living environment and the development of family traditions, [authorities have] guided the majority of families to build beautiful villages and share beautiful homes. Starting from April, the Autonomous Region Taxation Bureau working team stationed in the village, together with the two village committees, launched the “Beautiful Home” creation and selection activities throughout village, and studied and formulated the activity plan, clarifying the creation standards and selection procedures.

The village masses responded warmly to the selection activities, and every household quickly set off to create and participate in the contest. The first batch of “Beautiful Homes” winners were 20 families selected through a process of family declaration, preliminary review, household review, result announcement, and commendation and awards.

“Beautiful Homes” representative Adili Yisili said at the commendation meeting: We must cherish the honor, make persistent efforts, play a leading role in demonstration, and make new contributions to the construction of beautiful families and beautiful villages.

After the commendation meeting, everyone viewed the photos of the 20 “Beautiful Homes,” with their clean and tidy living rooms, green courtyards inside and outside, pleasing items, modern furniture, etc. They were presented on a large screen one by one, which engendered appreciative sighs from the masses in attendance. Villager Dawuti Yiming said: “I am also a man with hands and feet, I am a member of the village. Seeing other people’s homes looking like this, I am really ashamed. After I go back, I will act immediately, and tell them to learn from this and strive to be chosen as a “Beautiful Home” as soon as possible.”

Gao Yujun, the captain of the work team, mobilized the masses at the commendation meeting: Every family and everyone in the village is a participant, propagandist, and promoter of the “Beautiful Home” creation and selection activity. He hoped that all families would be proactive, serve as exemplars, and quickly set off a wave of “comparing, learning, rushing, helping, and surpassing” to create and participate in contest, ensuring Tuomabeixi Village makes contributions to creating beautiful homes.

新疆民生网(解先杰)5月13日,伽师县和夏阿瓦提镇托玛贝希村在村文化活动中心举行仪式,隆重表扬评选出的首批 “美丽家庭”。20户“美丽家庭”代表满怀喜悦地接过“美丽家庭”红旗和奖品,现场全体村民报以热烈的掌声以示祝贺。


评选活动得到了全村群众的热烈响应,家家户户迅速掀起争先恐后、不甘落后的创建参选热潮。通过家庭申报、初审评议、入户复核、结果公示、表彰奖励等环节,首批 “美丽家庭”得主花落20户家庭。




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