Database Entry: Visit the People, Benefit the People, Bring Together the Hearts of the People: A Different Kind of Flag-Raising Ceremony
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Visit the People, Benefit the People, Bring Together the Hearts of the People: A Different Kind of Flag-Raising Ceremony

February 05, 2018
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The February 5th flag-raising ceremony was the first one for new work teams since they arrived in their communities and villages in 2018, and it was also the last one for the departing previous work team members. What kinds of wonderful scenes and touching moments were there? Let’s take a look together.

The departing members of the work team stationed in Tianshan District Dawan District Management Committee’s Hua’ergou Community, from the Municipal Internal Revenue Bureau, bid farewell to their assigned “relatives” at the flag raising ceremony. The new team members paired off with and met their “relatives,” getting closer and closer with them, the feelings between them growing deeper as they interacted.

When he learned that the members of the 2017 Daban City Construction Bureau’s Chai Management Committee Tianshan pasture work team were going to leave, herdsman Shateke took the hand of work team leader Zhao Yinlong and put a traditional Kazakh flower crown, which symbolizes trust and gratitude, on Zhao’s head. Shateke said repeatedly, “Jiakese, I really don’t want you to leave.”

At the flag-raising ceremony in Dengcaogou Village, Banfanggou Township, Urumqi County, elder Party members welcomed the new work team members from the Urumqi Culture Media Investment Co., Ltd. with warm hugs.

The High-Tech Zone (New Urban Area)’s Safety Supervision Bureau work team, stationed in Bei’er Road Community, handed over the bright five-star red flag to the newly-arriving work team from the Zone’s Culture, Sports, and Tourism Bureau. After the flag-raising ceremony, the team also commended the outstanding community residents in a series of activities: “Love the Motherland, Feel the Party’s Gratitude, Listen to the Party’s Words, and Follow the Party.”

The municipal Civil Affairs Bureau work team, stationed in Cuiquan Road Area Management Committee’s Youth Road South Community, in Tianshan District, held a flag-raising ceremony. Fei Yuxuan, a representative of college students who had returned to their hometown, delivered a speech on “A Beautiful and Happy Life is Rooted in a Harmonious and Stable Land,” which resonated strongly among the residents.

In Sangongliang Village, Liuhuhu Township, the High-tech Zone Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau (Veterinary Bureau) work team introduced the new team leader and team members to the villagers at the flag-raising ceremony. The 55 villagers who had performed outstandingly in the past year were awarded certificates and prizes such as oil and flour.

At the flag-raising ceremony, the Tongan South Road Community work team, hailing from the Municipal Audit Bureau’s Baiyuan Road Sub-district Office in the High-Tech Zone (New Urban Area), invited Ding Huiting, a returning college student, to give a lecture on the theme of “not forgetting the original intention and keeping in mind the mission.”

In the Xinmin Road Area Management Committee’s Xindadi Community, the Shuimogou District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau’s work team held a flag-raising ceremony. Sun Gang, the first secretary and working team leader, gave a lecture on his experience of studying “Xi Jinping: The Governance of the Country.”

The new members of the Economic and Technological Development Zone (Toutunhe District)’s Education Bureau Baishiqiao Community work team made a speech after the flag-raising ceremony, and also invited Wang Bangcun, the head of the convenience police station, to preach about “anti-theft and anti-telecom fraud” for the benefit of residents.

The Yashan District Management Committee’s Youth Community work team, from the Shayibake District Cultural and Sports Bureau, organized a flag-raising ceremony. After the flag-raising ceremony, the departing work team members handed off their duties to the new team members. Maidina Rexidin, a third-year student at the Xinjiang Institute of Engineering, showed a “bright sword,” calling on compatriots of all ethnic groups to fight resolutely against “two-faced people,” to safeguard our beautiful homeland, to serve the general goal of social stability and long-term stability, and to work together for the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. This inspired everyone present.

At the flag-raising ceremony, Xianghe Community work team leader Wang Runming, from the Urumqi Urban Rail Group Co., Ltd in the High-Tech Zone (New Urban Area) Sangong District Management Committee, introduced the team members one by one. Through this flag-raising ceremony, work team members each felt that one shouldn’t take it easy when working with the masses.

The New Urban Area Local Taxation Bureau’s Lanting Community Working Team, from the Yingbin Road Area Management Committee, organized the flag raising ceremony, and everyone present sang “Without the Communist Party, There Would Be No New China.”

After the flag-raising ceremony, the villagers of Huangququan Village, in Daban City’s Aksu Township, presented Kazakh robes and flower crowns as souvenirs to the departing Friendship (Group) Co., Ltd. They also shook hands with and embraced the team members, expressing their sadness at their departure.

At the flag-raising ceremony, Chai Jianxin, the team leader of the Shuimogou District Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau in Butterfly Valley Community, Shirenzigou Street, expressed his determination on behalf of the team to publicize the party’s policies and do good things for the residents!

Wang Suming, the head of the Hetan North Road West Community work team, from the High Tech Zone (New Urban Area)’s Bajiahu Area Management Committee, gave a speech after the flag-raising ceremony on the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

At the flag-raising ceremony, organized by the Municipal Education Bureau’s Tianshan District Cuiquan Road Area Management Committee Xiangyang Community work team, 65-year-old local resident Guliyan Yusaiyin shared her experiences participating in flag-raising ceremonies, and expressed that she would encourage neighbors and friends to actively participate in various community activities as well as provide suggestions to the community.

At the flag-raising ceremony, Hongmiao Community work team leader Zhu Jun, from the Municipal Forestry Bureau (Garden Administration)’s Shiyouxincun Street in the High Tech Zone (New Urban Area), introduced the members of the work team, the tasks of the work team, and the new year’s work plan to the residents.

The newly-arrived East First Street Community work team, from the Shayibake District Committee Organization Department’s Hotan Street Area Management Committee, welcomed their first flag-raising ceremony in the community. All the team members were very excited and had looked forward to the flag-raising ceremony for the whole week. In the common voice of all the work team members, the ceremony was both highly anticipated and also unforgettable. From learning the standardized process of the flag-raising ceremony, to formulating plans, division of labor, and notifying residents and businesses in the jurisdiction, the team members were full of enthusiasm.

The High Tech Zone’s Planning and Real Estate Bureau Friendship Road Community Team, from the Yingbin Road Area Management Committee, sought to make their first national flag-raising ceremony more standardized, so community first secretary and work team leader Xie Yi specially rehearsed the flag-raising ceremony on Sunday afternoon, guaranteeing the Monday flag-raising ceremony was carried out in a standardized and orderly manner.

Five staff members from the Cuiquan Road Management Committee’s Fangyuan Community work team, jointly dispatched by the Tianshan District Commission Office for Public Sector Reform, the District Federation of Trade Unions, and the District Education Bureau, formally met with residents at their first flag-raising ceremony. Residents arrived at the flag-raising ceremony site half an hour early. Children saluted the flag, their young faces solemn.

Eight members of the Yingbin Road West Community work team, from the High Tech Zone (New Urban Area)’s Planning and Real Estate Bureau in the Yingbin Road Area Management Committee, met local residents at the flag-raising ceremony. Work team captain Zhao Xiaodong explained the tasks and goals of the “Visit the People, Benefit the People, Bring Together the Hearts of the People” program to the residents, expressing his intent to serve residents wholeheartedly.

Qinggedahu Township Xinlian Village work team leader Shao Weijun, from the High-Tech Zone (New Urban Area)’s Municipal Cultural Bureau, gave a speech at the flag-raising ceremony focused on the importance of ethnic unity and social stability.

The Hongmiaozi Area Management Committee Fudi Community work team, from the Shayibake District’s Audit Bureau, organized a flag-raising ceremony and afterwards organized residents to take part in activities welcoming the Spring Festival. Everyone held a “blessing” sign and arranged them so they spelled the word “China.”

After the flag-raising ceremony, all members of the High Tech Street Area Management Committee Xinzhou Community work team, from the Municipal Government’s General Office in the High Tech Zone (New Urban Area), took a group photo with community cadres and residents in front of the national flag and the Communist Party flag. The working team was still present at the scene. The work team also gave out its “convenient service” contact cards to residents.