Database Entry: Visit the People, Benefit the People, Bring Together the Hearts of the People: Promote "Monday Flag Raising Ceremonies and Lectures" Becoming the Norm
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Visit the People, Benefit the People, Bring Together the Hearts of the People: Promote "Monday Flag Raising Ceremonies and Lectures" Becoming the Norm

February 20, 2017
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Escort the Flag and Take an Oath

February 20, [2017,] Guma (Pishan) County’s Langan Village, in Muji Township, held a solemn flag-raising ceremony. In contrast to past events, “Flag Guards” and “I’m a Citizen of China” oath-taking activities were part of the flag raising event.

At 10:00 AM Beijing time [8:00 AM Xinjiang Time], flag guards neatly marched towards the square and fanned out beneath the flagpole. To escort the national flag, the flag guards and 862 villagers sang the national anthem. As the flag was raised, the atmosphere was sobering and warm.

Afterwards, the village party branch secretary–while facing the flag–swore a solemn oath: “Ardently love the great motherland, ardently love the Chinese Nation’s Great Family, ardently love educating my village, support the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, respect the constitution and laws, protect the integrity of the motherland and ethnic unity, resolutely oppose violent terror activities, ethnic separatist activities, and illegal religious activities, and resist the influence of extremist religious thoughts. Be an honest, trustworthy, hardworking, civil, friendly villager and work hard to build a harmonious and prosperous hometown!” The oath resounded throughout Langan village.

Flag guard member Sidi’aihemaiti Azi said: “At the moment when the national flag was raised, I felt pride in my heart. I was guarding the national flag as if I was guarding the motherland.”

Villager Abuliekemu said: “Swearing an oath under the national flag is a commitment from the heart. Now the party has more and more favorable policies, and the lives of the villagers are getting better and better. We must protect our village’s harmony and make the village even more prosperous.”

When escorting the national flag, a sense of solemnity is born. When taking an oath, one’s sense of mission becomes stronger. The villagers actively participated in the flag-raising ceremony, proving through their actions that even though they are in the remote land of southern Xinjiang, the motherland is always in all their hearts.

Sewaiteqiaka Village in Qiaoda Township

On February 20, the villagers of Sewaiteqiaka Village in Qiaoda Township came to the flagpole early as usual to participate in the flag-raising ceremony. They also participated in a “Listening to a Lecture and Feeling Gratitude toward the Party” knowledge and propaganda activity.

Participating in the national flag raising ceremony every Monday is already an action that the cadres and masses of all ethnic groups in Pishan County take on their own initiative. The five-star red flag was raised slowly as the national anthem resounded. Everyone’s hearts were full of pride, and everyone sang the solemn national anthem. This kind of activity ensures that the masses carry out patriotic education once a week and feel deeply identified with the motherland.

Raising the national flag and singing the national anthem conveys a spirit of patriotism; propaganda under the national flag conveys to people of all ethnic groups in a timely manner the Party and government policies that benefit them, and urges Party members and cadres to firmly establish the idea of ​​”everything for the people”; the act of raising the national flag brings together cadres and masses of all ethnic groups, and cultivates feelings of identification with the motherland, feelings of identification with the Chinese nation, feelings of identification with Chinese culture, feelings of identification with the socialist road, and feelings of identification with the Communist Party of China.

The villagers said, the kindness of the Party is deeper than the ocean. Whenever the national flag is raised, the heart cannot remain calm. Without the Communist Party of China, how could we live the happy life we live now.










参加每周一升国旗仪式,已经是皮山县各族干部群众自觉行动。 五星红旗在嘹亮的国歌声中冉冉升起,每个人心中都充满了自豪感,大家齐唱着庄严的国歌。这种活动使得广大群众每个星期都能进行一次爱国主义教育,深刻地感受到对祖国认同的情怀。



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