Database Entry: Where did you Jump to, Flea?
Forced Assimilation

Where did you Jump to, Flea?

April 23, 2018
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Hello Everyone! I’m a local flea. On your kang, in your courtyard, on your family’s livestock, you can see signs of my activity everywhere. Believe me that many sent-down and relative cadres are familiar with my evils.

Influenced by traditional thought, the villagers are used to sleeping together on kang. When it is time to eat, they place a cloth on it and it becomes a table, it really isn’t healthy. It also provides a breeding ground for the survival and reproduction of fleas…in order to solve this problem, the village work team and relative cadres totally over 240 people broke into teams and went to houses to clean rugs, air out quits, destroy kang and replace them with beds. Starting with the problem of eating and sleeping can change the original lifestyle [of villagers] and eradicate the living space of fleas.

大家好 我是一只“土生土长”的跳蚤 在炕头 在庭院 在家畜身上 处处可见我活跃的身影 相信很多驻村干部和结亲干部 对我都十(hèn)分(zhī)熟(rù)悉(gǔ)


受传统观念影响,村民们习惯一家人睡在炕上。吃饭时,炕上铺一块布又变成了饭桌,既不利于身体健康,又为跳蚤的生存和繁衍提供了温床,与现代文明生活方式极不相符。为了解决这一问题, 驻村工作队发动工作队员和结亲干部240余人,分组分户在村民家清洗地毯、晾晒被褥、拆炕换床,从吃饭睡觉的问题入手改变原有的生活方式,铲除跳蚤藏纳的生存空间。

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